Metal Fabrication Support Services

Fabrication Support Services
Bending, Cutting, Punching, Assembly, Threading, Rolling

At SLH Metals, custom fabrication services are our specialty and that can entail a wide range of manufacturing support services to deliver to your custom specs. We can handle all phases of a fabrication project with the following secondary manufacturing services:

Bending Services

Bending metal in all its forms-tubes, beams, bars, pipes, angles, channels, tees, sheet, and plate.

We offer complete, turnkey metal bending services to meet your custom application and performance requirements.

Metal Cutting Services

We consistently deliver accurately cut metal parts on short notice and in support of our fabrication projects.

Full Part Assembly Manufacturing

From start to finish, SLH Metals can provide complete part assembly, or even custom machine assembly.

By combining our fabrication, welding, and machine shops, we can build truly unique production parts.

Portable Welding

Our welding services are completely portable. Ask us for a free estimate. We weld all forms of metal, steel, aluminum, stainless, bronze, copper, brass, and cast iron.

Metal Rolling and Forming

SLH's rolling and forming equipment performs custom, precision rolling and forming that can generate multiple bends in sheet metal, all while maintaining high accuracy and repeatability.

Punching Services

Our punching services can shear, notch, and punch your metal components in a cost effective manner.

Threading Services

We can do both external and internal threading services. External threads are on the outside of the part, while internal threads are on the inside of the product.

Welding Services

Mig, Tig, Stick, and Gas welding services are offered.

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